Gorsky Press Podcast Round 8


Each month, Gorsky Press posts three new short stories for free download and streaming on the Gorsky Press Bandcamp page.

This month, we proudly present:

Alice Bag

Reads “The Orpheum Show,” an excerpt from Violence Girl, East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage, A Chicana Punk Story. When Alice’s boyfriend Nicky Beat invites her to see his new band play, she has no idea what to expect. She and her best friend Patricia Morrison wait outside the theater and run into the newly formed Germs gearing up for their first performance. From that moment on the show is a transformative experience for the girls who are about to witness The Germs, The Zeros and The Weirdos.

Website | Soundcloud | Twitter.com | Tumblr | Facebook

Cheryl Klein

Reads “Back to Her Mermaid State,” from her novel-in-progress, Saint Julian, Make Us Reborn. Amalia and Nicky are group home runaways. They’re also fairytale princesses, and maybe they could be circus performers with a little luck. Anything is possible in L.A.

Website | Facebook

Michael M.B. Galvin reads an excerpt from the novel Louder than Bullets, a yet-to-be-published novel. It’s been twenty years since lead singer Nikki St. James’ hair metal band Skorcher was popular. Now the band has split in two, and Nikki has been mistaken for the lead singer of the other band, and that guy’s a huge dick who owes a lot of money to some very bad people.  Nikki has a gun he stole from a drug dealer and absolutely zero skills that might be helpful in this situation.


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