Gorsky Press Story Podcast Round Nine

Featuring Myriam Gurba, Brodie Foster Hubbard, and John Ross Bowie

gorsky_press_reading_09_18_2013Periodically, Gorsky Press posts new short stories for free download and streaming on the Gorsky Press Bandcamp page.

This round, we proudly present:

Myriam Gurba reads two poem-y stories (super short), “Roving You Is Easy” and “Forever Egg Fu Yung,” and a short, short, short story called “Nuestra Casa Is Bilingual.” “My works enshrine extremely ordinary experiences anybody could have in Southern California if they were me. Hopefully, they will make you want to learn another language or improve the juans you already speak.”


Brodie Foster Hubbard reads “Guillermo,” excerpts from Fair Dig issues #1 and #2
At age thirty-three, with no athletic background beyond his time as a teenager in circle pits at punk shows, Brodie Foster Hubbard decided he wanted to fight in a cage. After an extensive search for a mixed martial arts school, he found a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy where he was paired with a fourteen-year-old training partner. It did not end well.

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John Ross Bowie reads “Hardly Getting Over It,” an excerpt from his
novel-in-progress. Christmas, 1991. A college student, driven to the brink by the phenomenon of lacrosse players listening to Nirvana, barricades himself into his college radio station. What follows is a monologue about his tumultuous relationship with music and medication.

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