Out of Print Books

Five Gorsky Press titles sold out of their press run (or, in one case, runs) and we decided not to reprint them.  These are the titles, in the order of their original publication.

Drinks_bigDrinks for the Little Guy
by Sean Carswell

This is the first book we published. It sold out of its original print run pretty quickly.  We reprinted it and sold out of those, too.  We entertained the idea of a third printing, but ultimately left the decision up to Sean.  He asked that we not reprint it and instead focus our resources on newer books.

A few copies of Drinks for the Little Guy are still for sale around the web.  We’ve seen those numbers dwindle, so that the only copies for sale were going for big bucks.  That changes periodically.  Still, a shrinking number of copies of this book exists.  If you’re entertaining the possibility of buying one, don’t wait.  Here’s a link to the Amazon page.

arch_of_bones_bigArcheology of Bones
by Kyle Torke

This was the second book we published.  It’s a collection of poems by Kyle Torke.  It’s a beautiful little book.  We’re proud of it.

It had a good run.  When we ran out of copies, we let sleeping dogs lie.  Torke continues to write and teach at Colorado College.  New copies sometimes show up on Amazon for over a hundred bucks.  Used copies are still available for much less.  If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, you can access the Amazon page here.

pats_cover_bigThe Other Canyon
by Patricia Geary

Obviously, we at Gorsky Press are huge fans of Patricia Geary.  We’ve published three of her books.  The Other Canyon was the first of these books.  It’s a touching novella about love and friendship.  We sold out of this book within about a year, and reprinting got convoluted.

We’d planned to reprint it as soon as it sold out, but Geary had approached us with another novel, Guru Cigarettes.  We always prefer to move forward, if possible, so we decided to hold off on the reprint and dedicate our time and money to releasing Guru Cigarettes.

Next, we came up with a plan to reprint all three of Geary’s out-of-print novels: Living in Ether, Strange Toys, and The Other Canyon.  But resources were limited. We could only do one.  Geary chose the reprint of her favorite among her works, Strange Toys.  We focused on that reprint.

Maybe one day, we’ll get Living in Ether and The Other Canyon back into print.  You can still find one of the few remaining copies of The Other Canyon on Amazon here.

whiskey_robots_bigWhiskey & Robots
by Bucky Sinister

We used to hold an annual book contest at Gorsky Press called the Literary Sashimi Prize.  One year, Sinister ran away with the prize.  His work dazzled all of the judges.  He won it easily.

Sean Carswell designed the cover of the collection.  In his mind, the cover design was an homage to the City Lights Pocket Poetry Series.  In the eyes of City Lights, the cover constituted copyright violation.  City Lights politely asked that, when the book sold out, we not reprint it with this cover.  We’ve always had the utmost respect for City Lights, so we ceased and desisted.  By the time Whiskey & Robots had sold out of its initial print run, Sinister had approached us with his new collection, All Blacked Out & Nowhere to Go.  We’d already decided to publish the new collection, and, with Whiskey & Robots sold out, we included those poems in the same volume as All Blacked Out.

There’s no need to pick up one of the original copies, now.  You’re better off with the double whammy of Whiskey & Robots and All Blacked Out & Nowhere to Go in one book.  You can buy it directly from us here.

snakepit_cover_bigThe Snake Pit Book
by Ben Snakepit

For several years, Ben Snakepit wrote daily, Peanuts-inspired columns, about his life.  First, he released them in zines, then he released them in annual anthologies, and, finally, we put together the first three years of his comic in this book.

Ben is a musician in several bands.  He took the book with him on tour and sold out of most of them during what he called his “Revolution Summer.”  After the books sold, we talked things over with Ben and decided to go in different directions.

A couple of different presses have teamed up with Ben to reprinting the book.  We’re not sure what the status of those projects are.  You can still buy the original on Amazon here.

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