The Pocket Guide to Divorce

Pocket_Guide_Cover_bigThe Pocket Guide to Divorce: A Self-Help Work of Fiction
by Neil Connelly
Publisher’s Special:
$7.95 (price includes shipping)

view_cartIn the wake of a cataclysmic divorce, Mitchell’s doing great! Really, he’s awesome. He’s coping so well in fact that he’s decided to write a book to help others like himself on the hard road of divorce. The manuscript rolls out self-esteem building exercises and advice on everything from the benefits of the Food Pyramid to the hazards of porn. Gradually though, Mitchell’s true state of mind begins to emerge, and it’s anything but ideal.   Disastrous attempts at dating and therapy lead Mitchell to concoct a radical scheme to reclaim his identity. Like anyone who’s gone through a crisis, Mitchell comes to face the grim reality that living through it is just the first step. As he tries to save others with his writing, Mitchell realizes that first, he’s going to have to save himself.

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