Gorsky Press is a small company.  We published twenty books in our first fifteen years in business.  Nearly every book we published was by an author who was publishing shorter pieces in publications we read or doing a lot of readings or was otherwise engaged in a literary community.  We sought these writers out and solicited their manuscripts.  We will continue to do that.

Over the years, we have also received thousands of manuscripts for consideration.  Many of those manuscripts were excellent and deserved to be published.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to publish every manuscript that we think is great.  This led us to two conclusions with regards to unsolicited manuscripts:

Manuscript Monkey

1. We should hold a book contest.  This way, the reading fee can help offset our costs and we can select manuscripts based on their quality, not their marketability.  Go over to the contest page for more information.

2. We won’t accept unsolicited manuscripts outside of the contest.

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