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For a while, Gorsky Press released a monthly series of podcasts. Three Gorsky-friendly authors read short stories of fifteen minutes or less in each. Now, we have a Bandcamp page where you can listen to all 27 short stories. Link to it here.



In the early days, Gorsky survived by sending our authors out on book tours.  Over the past decade and a half, we’ve set up hundreds of readings in dozens of cities throughout the US and Canada.  We have filmed almost none of these readings.

The bright side of that “almost none” is that we’ve filmed some.  Here are a handful of videos of Gorsky and Gorsky-friendly authors plying their trade.

Jim Ruland

We published Ruland’s short story collection Big Lonesome back in 2005.  Since then, he’s gone on to host one of Southern California’s most popular reading series, Vermin on the Mount.  He’s also written for LA Times, won a $25,000 Reader’s Digest award, and published in just about every prestigious literary journal  you can think of.  Here’s him reading at Skylight Books.

Cheryl Klein

We have not published Cheryl Klein.  We’re just fans of her books, Lilac Mines and The Commuters.  She also writes a blog that’s endlessly amusing.  She joined Gorsky authors Sean Carswell and Jim Ruland to celebrate the release of Carswell’s latest novel, Madhouse Fog, at Skylight Books.

Sean Carswell

We’ve published three of Carswell’s books: Drinks for the Little Guy (1999), Glue and Ink Rebellion (2002), and Barney’s Crew (2005).  His last two novels have been released on Manic D Press.  Here he is at the same reading with Cheryl and Jim.

Mike Faloon

We published Mike Faloon’s short story collection The Hanging Gardens of Split Rock in 2010.  Faloon is the editor/publisher of the ‘zines Go Metric! and Zisk.  He’s also a fifth grade teacher and a wonderful storyteller.  Here he is reading from Hanging Gardens at Stories Books.

James Jay

We published two books of poetry by James Jay: The Undercards (2003) and The Journeymen (2010).  Jay is the owner of Uptown Pubhouse in Flagstaff, which allows him to write his “Bartender Wisdom” column for Flagstaff Live.  Here he is reading on the campus of California State University Channel Islands.

Todd Taylor

For twenty years, Todd Taylor has been working on his opus, The Insect King.  We’ve only seen bits and pieces of this enigmatic novel.  In the interim, he wrote two books which have come out on Gorsky Press: Born to Rock (2004) and Shirley Wins (2006).   Here is Todd reading a section from The Insect King at VLHS.

A Final Note:

These videos look like a whole lot of men (Cheryl Klein notwithstanding).  We have published writers who are women.  We’ve sent them on tour.  In the case of Jennifer Whiteford (author of the 2006 novel Grrrl), it’s been several tours.  Most of Jennifer’s readings were performed prior to our purchase of a video camera.  We didn’t have the video camera when Patricia Geary performed her readings for The Other Canyon (2002), Guru Cigarettes (2005) or Strange Toys (2010), either.

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